This Is Not the End

This is not the end! Things will definitely get back to normal and even better sooner than you think. No situation stays permanent. It will soon pass away. What we all need now is patience, courage and perseverance to navigate through this trying period. Yes, the current pandemic and the other challenges have brought global chaos with the fear of the social and economic meltdown that will follow, or has already started with the loss of millions of jobs and businesses all over the world. Today, aviation, entertainment, sports, hospitality and other critical industries are totally shut down. Just imagine the jobs, contracts and billions of revenue already lost. I don’t want to talk about the hundreds of thousands that are already dead and their loved ones who are unfortunately and painfully not allowed to accord their departed the desired burial and last respect. Truly, these are not the best of times. Our world will never be the same again, at least in the way we interact and socialize. Too sad! May we never go through this again!

But students of history already know that this kind of global challenge will always stimulate massive landmark innovations that will permanently and positively impact humanity. Remember, it was that great depression of the 1930’s that pushed nations, especially, the likes of the United States to invent policies and programs that permanently placed them on the irreversible wheel of progress and greatness. You remember The New Deal Reforms – Social Security, the Fair Labour Standards Act, banking reforms, rural electrification and crop insurance, etc, they all came out that situation. And also the Second World War 11 that followed shortly necessitated the establishment of the United Nation (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), etc. All these innovations have made our world a better place. Or just imagine our world without them. Yes, beauty can come from the ashes and greatness out of confusion and chaos. And that is exactly what I see after this pandemic. The sudden emergence, the resilience and the massive destruction by this virus truly exposed the vulnerability of all of us including the so-called rich and powerful nations. But it will sure instigate innovations, inventions, preparations and even reparations. And as these will be going on I have no doubt that the world will also rise and say with one voice ‘Never Again!’ Never again shall humanity go through this level of pain because of the carelessness or ambition of a few. Yes, never Again!

Now, we must learn from the biblical story of the four lepers that displaced an entire army of a powerful enemy nation to save Israel. How did they do it? They said to themselves “If we sit here we will die, if we go back, we will also die. But let’s move forward. Maybe we will meet help and success.” And you already know what followed. As they were moving with faith, courage and vision, the unseen hand transmuted their footsteps and efforts into supernatural results that brought miraculous victory, success and monumental riches not just to them, but to the entire nation of Israel. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t sit there or go back in frustration.Move forward. Keep moving! Every effort you will make from now will be successful. Imbibe the spirit of courage and resilience through this period. The sun will shine again! You will not sink or float, but swim to victory and success. Remember that challenges are just opportunities in disguise. And that every challenge, including this one is a potential platform for invention and breakthrough.

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Many definitions of language have been proposed. Henry Sweet, an English phonetician and language scholar, stated: “Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, this combination answering to that of ideas into thoughts.

A language is more than a bunch of words and rules for how to put those words together; it is another world. Speaking French gives you access to the world of over 75 million native speakers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and 263 million people around the rest of the world who speak it as a second language – most of them in West Africa.

language help to express and transmission of thoughts.language help to understand feelings of our world there are so many languages are available but they are different from other language. a better understanding about language make easier survive in the world.within a best understanding about language help to mix with other people.
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language help to deleiver your help to make strong your personality,experiences,achievements, affective language can also help to increase your confidence,morale,and much more.that help make and maintaine an effective carrier opportunities.a person with an effective language techniqe give happiness to all human and species. French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family.
French is one of the world’s major languages. It is a main or official language not just in France, but in parts of Belgium and Switzerland, in Monaco, in parts of Canada – notably but not only in Quebec – as well as being widely spoken in north and west Africa, Lebanon, and parts of south-east Asia, particularly in former French colonies. It is an official or a main second language in 55 countries worldwide, and is reputed to be the foreign language which is most widely used in international communications, after English. Almost 300 million people speak French as their native language or as a second language.

3 Reasons Why You Should Write a New CV Today

Over the past decade the quality of CV writing has risen dramatically. This is down to the amount of free information you can find online. There are lots of CV writing guides and tips which help anyone wanting to improve their application, and this has pushed the quality up to a whole new level.

Because of this employers are now expecting a higher quality of CV, which leaves anyone not swotting up online in the past. The old style of writing a CV is not good enough anymore and it’s harder than ever to now get an interview.

If you’re worried that your CV may be failing you, here are 3 massive reasons why you must write a new CV today.

It’s too generic

If your current CV is purely a list of all your skills, qualifications and experience – then read on. This approach to CV writing is out of date and not going to impress anyone. But what will help you get a job interview is tailoring your application.

To find out if your CV is too generic, grab a highlighter pen and print off a copy of your CV. Having read the job advert you should have a good idea of the skills and experience they require. Then, highlight all the information which isn’t relevant to the employer you are going to send it off too. After highlighting all the irrelevant parts you will probably have most of your information in yellow by now!

Like so many other CVs you should find that most of your information isn’t going to be of interest to the employer. Now that you’re staring at a huge sea of yellow or pink highlighter, you can see why a generic and untailored CV is not going to get you an interview.

Now would be a great time to start again completely from scratch. Keep your old CV so you have all your work history, but create a new one which now takes into consideration what the company wants.

You must tailor your CV to the role and the company if you want to succeed. The hiring manager wants to pick up your application and instantly see that you are suitable. A generic CV will force them to read between the lines, and most of the time they won’t bother.

You only update

If you keep the same CV and simply keep updating it every time you change jobs, you definitely need a new CV. Your old and tired CV is going to continue to slowly step out of favour with its design and content.

“Tailor your CV. Look at the company’s website and social media accounts, look to see if they’ve recently been mentioned in the local press and use the job advert to make sure your CV is targeted to the role and employer.”

We’ve already covered the topic of tailoring your CV to the role, and by doing that you will prevent this from happening. You don’t need to keep making small updates if you always write a brand new CV every time you apply. Even if you’re applying to numerous employers for the same job title, you should still write a new one for each – there will always be differences, no matter how subtle they may seem.

So stop making small updates and start again. It will ensure your information is relevant and fresh, and you can also choose a new design for your layout. This brings us on to…

You haven’t used a CV template

A CV template is a ready made layout that you can use to simply insert your details. Not only will that save a lot of time and stress, it will look great!

Unless you are a graphic designer or have a keen eye for this sort of thing, you should always choose a ready made CV template. You just have to make sure you pick a good one and avoid any rogue websites. Unfortunately not every CV template website you come across offers the best designs, but hopefully you will be able to filter out the good from the bad.

There are lots of modern designs to choose from and most are free to download. If you can find one that’s recent and clearly looks fantastic, it will certainly help you get a job interview. The overall layout and design of your CV is just as important as the skills you have to offer.

How to Maintain the Company’s Culture While Working From Home

What’s an ideal company culture? How important is it to thrive in your business? And how can you maintain it in these challenging times when the panorama is transitioning from the office to working from home?

A company’s ethos creates its culture. Developed through time, these are values, expectations, and practices that serve as a GPS to navigate the actions of its members. A positive culture will lead to more-than satisfactory performance and thrives, while a negative one will reap its mediocre-to-dysfunctional output, no matter how great the company is.

Studies show that a healthy company culture is 1.5 times more likely to experience revenue growth of 15 percent or more over three years and 2.5 times more likely to experience significant stock growth over the same period.

In another survey, it shows 56% of employees find a good workplace culture to be more important than salary.

“I AM BECAUSE WE ARE” – A Great Company Culture Practice

One example of a great company ethos, translating into a positive culture is the practice of “Ubuntu.”

There’s a popular story about an anthropologist, doing her research on a tribe in a remote African village, who decided to reward the children as her farewell gift when her work was almost done.

She placed a bag of candies under the tree and asked the children to line up 100 meters away from the goodies. She told them it was a race and whoever got to the goodies first will win and take the entire bag as a prize.

When the signal to proceed rang off, something amazing happened. Instead of running for the candies, the children walked towards them, hand in hand, leaving no kid behind.

When asked why they didn’t race against each other, the answer never failed to amaze – “How can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”

This philosophy is known as “Ubuntu” which translates to “I am because we are.”

Ubuntu is the perfect company culture that one can adhere to thrive in all times, but especially during trying times. From the employer to its employees, there are no supernumerary characters. All are key players, main protagonists, in achieving the company’s vision, mission and goals.

Two is company, and so is three, four and more… one is a wanderer or working remotely

So how can you communicate a company culture of Ubuntu, when everyone works remotely and scattered around the globe?

Here are three strategies so you can maintain a great working company culture:

Encourage open communication

The communication line must be open to everyone at all times. No matter the time difference or the geography, connectivity is effortless now a days. As long as the company can leverage the right technology, communication can be easy through emails, chats, video calls, forum, and the list can go on.

Through these lines, everyone can share the happenings, goals, achievements and even rooms for improvement and bring the entire company together.

Encourage accountability

Incorporate the company culture in your work at all times. Even if working remotely and in isolation, you can still maintain the company’s ethos through your produce. Be accountable to the products and services you represent wherever, whenever. Be mindful that you are the stamp of the company and whatever you do will reflect to yourself and the organization.

Gender Equity in the Workplace

Here it is, the year 2021 and gender discrimination is still, unbelievably, an unresolved issue in far too many workplaces. Despite attention being drawn to the issue for nearly fifty years there still exists a fundamental unfairness in how women are treated in employment environments that are either directly dominated by male senior management or at least influenced by the attitude, mindsets, and practices of traditional leadership.

Although women make up about 50% of the workforce they still experience discrimination in several significant areas. These include unequal compensation, a dearth of organizational upward mobility, a paucity of key decision making power, and sexual harassment. These are profound work culture deficiencies and injustices. The time is long past to eradicate these blemishes from our workplaces. Such defects are not only ethically unrighteous, but they depress productive potential heretofore unrealized from among half of the workforce.

It is not as if there have not been attempts to remediate workplace gender inequities. Many senior management teams acknowledge the historic existence of male-oriented favoritism and sexism embedded in their and other workplaces. This recognition has been acted upon with initiatives to make their businesses and organizations fairer and more equitable. Yet the problem persists. Instances of gender discrimination continue to be documented and contested within management offices, HR departments, and law firms, resulting in deployment of considerable resources for a seemingly unending management of the consequences of bad behavior.

Elisabeth Kelan of the University of Essex in the UK has been researching gender equity issues for over twenty years. She has determined that there is widespread agreement gender inequity is prevalent overall, but interestingly these same individuals will not admit to such incidents occurring in their own specific workplaces. Why is this so? Dr. Kelan sees several reasons for this. To begin with, many see discrimination as a fault of their competitors or of other companies, but not of their own more virtuous workplaces. Secondly, there is a belief the issue was worse in the past, but is largely being resolved, affirming that all of the mitigation efforts made thus far have worked to reduce it to a minor issue. Finally, there are those who do not fully appreciate gender equity as a big deal and if it occurs at all it is not their fault.

If we accept Dr. Kelan’s findings as authentic it begs the question, “What are people thinking?!” What I think they are thinking is what has always been thought. At levels great and small men see themselves as better leaders, sharper decision makers, keener managers, stronger deal makers, and superior competitors. And let’s face it, there are some traditionalist women who think these roles are more masculine in nature as well.

Even if one sees the data and intellectually accepts gender discrimination as a problem it does not automatically follow that requisite behavior changes will occur. When I reflect on my own past I see pertinent examples. I have long believed that gender equity in the workplace was a quality worth pursuing. It is a no-brainer. However, have there been instances where I was more inclined to accept a fellow male’s opinion over a female’s during a meeting, or thought a woman colleague was too sensitive and not tough enough, or paid more attention to a woman’s looks rather than listening to her thoughts? Embarrassingly, the answer is yes. It is these small, but meaningful actions that keep us from achieving progress in accepting women as full and equal partners at work.

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Chartered accountant (CA) is an international accounting designation granted to accounting professionals in
many countries around the world, aside from the United States.
A CA credential typically proves that its holder has the qualifications to file a business’s tax return,
audit financial statements and business practices, and offer advisory services to clients
chartered accountant is considered one of the best career paths and has been pursued by the students who find themselves comfortable at numbers.
I would really like to talk on this topic and discuss the things in detail in terms of what it comprises of, what are all the all steps to reach the final stage
and pass the CA Final successfully and how to maintain tempo and be persistence in the study and reach your dream goal.
any career path is not that much difficult or impossible so is not the CA if followed the right ways going by the right approach, having right guidance in time and being persistent throughout your preparation for the CA. To approach the CareerGuide for your query related to CA Course is actually a good start and be assured of the right advice.
What you need to do is just read this article very carefully and you will come to understand the very process required to complete the CA successfully.
IPCC – Integrated Professional Competence Course would be the next stage after p[assing the CPT and 12th Level. Passing the CPT and 12th exam is mandatory without wich one would not able to register for IPCC. Generally, the registration for the IPCC must be done well in advance that is before 9 months of the IPCC exam.
IPCC level contains total 7 papers (Group 1+ Group 2).
Group – 1 – four papers
Group – 2 – is composed of three papers.
Passing the Group – I, is necessary for commencing an Articleship.
The term ‘secretary’ automatically conjures the image of a woman or man patiently taking notes from the boss, swiftly obeying orders and serving beverages to visitors. However, the term ‘company secretary’ beats this baseless perception. Company Secretary, also called Corporate Secretary in some parts of the world, is a much coveted and specialized profession that few can enter.
The report further adds, demand for CS is growing exponentially in India due to companies expanding rapidly, thanks to various investor and business friendly policies adopted by the present government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut – Invest in a New Driveway

The driveway of your house is one of the first things that you or anyone else visiting your home sees. There’s no way of hiding it, and there is no way of getting around the fact that if it is in a state of disrepair, it will make the rest of your property look not care for and untidy.

One reason that many people end up with aging driveways with cracks and potholes in them is that it seems to be a massive and expensive job to put right. That’s why you should always shop around to find the best deal when you are looking to have work carried out on your driveway. Weigh up all the different options and then make a decision based on your particular wants and needs. Whether you are considering tarmac or a paved driveway, you are sure to improve the look of your property immeasurably.

If you’re not personally bothered about the state of your driveway but are looking to sell your property then it makes sense to have it re-laid before putting the house on the market. Potential buyers could be put off buying your home straight away if they take one look at it and see a messy and cracking driveway. It suggests the rest of the house may also be in a state of disrepair, and who wants to buy a home off someone who has not looked after it.

Whatever type of home repair you are looking into, it is always important to make sure that you look around different companies to make sure you are getting the best deal out there and not spending more money than you need to. You can now find companies online that are dedicated to finding quotes for driveways, helping you to get the very best deals available in your local area. Home improvement price comparison websites make sure that you are only put in touch with reliable and reputable companies that you can trust to get the job done for a fair price.

It’s possible to get quotes for everything from new kitchens to double glazing, so when you have a home improvement project on the cards then make sure you look on the internet to find you perfect partner.

Free Grants For Home Improvement Repair Costs

If you would like to fix or repair your house, home improvement grants provide free money to Americans who can use some financial assistance when it comes to covering the cost of home repair. These grants are typically provided by the government. More specifically, your local government has the greatest interest in helping you finance your home improvement projects, as they are the ones to benefit the most.

The home owner, also benefits greatly from these programs. Home improvement grants provide free money that never has to be paid back. As long as these funds are used for the purpose agreed upon in your grant application, the cash is yours to keep.

Once you access the grant database to find the government grant programs that you are eligible to receive, you’ll realize that there are a number of grants to choose from. Some provide money for home repair, others provide free grant money to expand your home, while others offer the cash you need to upgrade your appliances to energy efficient equipment. It all depends on what government programs are specially available in your community and how much funding is left for you to claim.

When you apply for home improvement grants, you do not have to worry about your credit score, collateral or down payment money. Because these are not loans, the government is not interested in this information. What you will need, however, is the details on your project, an estimate as to how much it will increase the value of your property, and a good idea of how much money your project will cost.

The Basics of Acquiring a US Visa

It’s not uncommon to dream of visiting places you see in the movies. Let me guess, most of them are in the United States. To name a few, New York, LA, Miami, Washington and Chicago are some of the common tourist destinations in the US. You have the resources but you harbor this apprehension of being denied.

This should not stop you from making your travel plans a reality. If you have relatives in the US or you would like to travel solo, the key is to know what type of visa you must apply for, the necessary documents you must fill out, and more importantly, the purpose of your visit to the US.

First things first, know the difference between a US Visitor Visa (B-2) and a US Visa Sponsorship.

These two things are not the same.

The visitor visa often known as B-1/B-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa for people wishing to enter United States temporarily for pleasure, medical treatment, and business. In this case, you apply for your US Visa with the US Embassy or Consulate. Whereas, a U.S. visa sponsorship is applied for by the employer or close family member by filing an immigration petition with the U.S. government for getting a residency card (Green card) for their employee or close family member. This is also known as non-immigrant petitions such as work visa (e.g., H, L visa) as well as family visa (e.g., Fiancé or K visa).

What is the purpose of your visit?

You will be asked this question by the US consul who you will meet when you get to the embassy. But before that, determine the purpose of your trip. If the purpose of your trip is to visit USA for a short duration for pleasure, tourism, and visit relatives, family, or friends, then visitor visa known as Tourist visa to USA or B-2 visa is the right visa for you.

However, keep in mind that you if apply for a visitor’s visa, among other things, you must show to the US Consular officer that they have strong ties to the Philippines as you home country and they intend return after their temporary stay in the U.S. You must also show that you have enough money available to take care your expenses for your U.S. trip such as air tickets, visitors insurance, lodging/boarding, transportation expenses, tourism expenses and all other expenses.

What if I don’t have enough resources but my friends and relatives in the US are willing to shoulder my stay there?

Then this is where sponsorship sets in.

Who can sponsor my trip?

Any US-based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, relatives, and friends. This means that he/she must either be a holder of an I-94 (US Green card) or a US Citizen. Your sponsor should provide an affidavit of support (form I-134). The form is a confirmation that the sponsor is ready to undertake the financial liability of the applicant during the visit.

What documents do I need to submit?

Must have Documents for US Visitor Visa interview:

  1. A valid passport that does not expire prior to 6 months beyond of your intended stay.
  2. Printout of your confirmation page from the form DS-160
  3. Fee receipt US Visa Fees
  4. One photograph
  5. Original/Copy of Visa interview appointment letter

Supporting documents to show your Ties with your home country include:

You must demonstrate strong economic, social, and familial ties with your home country. You must also show that you will not become a burden on US by proving your financial stability to cover the expenses in US. These facts will ensure the interviewing officer that you will return to your home country after the authorized period of stay in USA. The required documents are:
1. Evidence of sufficient funds for the visit to US (Bank statement and passbook, etc.)
2. Evidence to show that you have strong ties to your home country. Documents related to the property you own and your employment are good evidence
a. If you are employed get a verification letter of employment
b. If you are self-employed get a financial and other documentary proof of the ownership
c. If you are a government employee get a Certificate of Employment and an Authority to Travel Certification
d. Tax ID, and recent tax-related documents
e. Original property papers like house, shop or business ownership documents etc. which you own in the Philippines/home country. If no papers available, make a notarized affidavit for the same
f. Documentary evidence of running any business or organization
g. Evidence of family ties like unmarried children, old aged parents and other family responsibilities
h. If person is an employee, other than proof of employment and proof of leave granted from the office, any such document that would show proof that you have reasons to come back

Documents and other proofs aside, the assistance of an immigration counsel/consultant who would facilitate your application and better your chances of getting approved is strongly suggested and highly encouraged.

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Expand Your Brand Using Other People’s Money by Using Franchisor Strategies

Back many years ago, I met a fellow franchisor, he’d built a nice company with 250 franchisees which operated Kiosks in shopping malls – you know those carts in malls that sell various wares. What he did was make each Kiosk its own business, at first as “independent contractors” but later as Franchisees due to the Franchise Law rules. Each franchisee had to sign a two-year franchise agreement with non-automatic renewal, where the Franchisor could merely take over the business, location, as he already had the lease-space agreement with the malls, including the corporations that owned many malls around the country.

After two years, he stopped renewing franchise agreements, took control of all those little businesses, and then sold the whole thing and retired a very wealthy man. Unfortunately, many of the independent contractors, turned into Franchisees were forced out after building up their businesses and providing a substantial amount of goodwill. The franchisor’s concept was built by the blood, sweat and tears of all those individuals, who did make decent money in the meantime, but were then basically terminated when their franchise agreement term ended.

Recently, there is an interesting company in the “Handy Man” sector which has a franchise agreement that states it may unilaterally buy back the franchisee’s business at any time after 2-years of operating. In the Franchisor’s option to purchase there is a mathematical formula for valuation of the Franchisee’s business that negate the value of any “goodwill” and allows the Franchisee to choose if he will see at “Fair Market Value” of assets (used equipment, office furniture) or twice the earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization (EBITA).

Why would a Franchise Buyer buy a franchise like that? I suppose there might be a few situations where it makes sense for instance, the Franchisee just needs a couple of years of income and believes they can build up a good “book” of business, and if it starts to go South, the Franchisor may buy him/her out and they can move on, less risk? But what if the Franchisor chooses not to buy and the business fails? What if the business succeeds wildly and the Franchisee is forced to sell-out a thriving and growing business?

If you think about it, it is a brilliant strategy for a Franchisor, have others build your business, take all the risks, and if they succeed, you terminate their franchise agreement instead of renewal, and if they fail, you simply let them fail, then sell that territory to a new franchisee, until one succeeds and then you just keep winning and building on the backs of others. As a franchisee buyer it may be wise to recognize such strategies and be weary of them, unless it serves your temporary purpose of a short term business and solid temporary cash flow based on your abilities and the Franchisor’s model. Think on this.