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Jack Sewing Machine

Jack sewing machine company is an unquestioned world leader in the category of sewing machines and equipment. Continuously evolving technology, modern solutions, high-quality materials and various degrees of automation of work translate into the great popularity of Jack devices and ease of use. Specialized machines, interlock, overlock and lockstitch machines are our specialty.

Jack A4 Lockstitch Machine

The JACK A4 is a full automatic sewing machine featuring:

  • Built-in DIRECT DRIVE motor
  • Digital control panel-probably easy to operate
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Adjustable stitch length –  automatically and manually (from button or lever)
  • Automatic foot lift- probably convenient while using machine
  • Automatic needle positioning – up or down
  • Equipped with built-in LED lighting with a choice of light intensity level
  • Automatic lubrication seems like easy to  operate

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Designed for general high-speed sewing on light to medium weight fabrics.  Equally adept for high volume production shops as well as home sewing environments.



Lockstitch is the familiar stitch performed by most household sewing machines and most industrial “single needle” sewing machines from two threads, probably one passed through a needle and one coming from a bobbin or shuttle. as a result, each thread stays on the same side of the material being sewn, interacting with the other thread at each needle hole by means of a bobbin driver. As a result, a lockstitch can be formed anywhere on the material being sewn; it does not need to be near an edge.

Models in Jack are listed below

Jack   A5-W

Jack  A5-WH-M

Jack  A5-WD

Jack  A5-WN

Jack  A5-WND

Above all models are availble

Jack A5-WNH-M

Jack OverLock MAchines

Overlock also is known as “serging” or “serger stitch”, can be formed with one to four threads, one or two needles, and one or two loopers. Overlock sewing machines are usually equipped with knives that trim or create the edge immediately in front of the stitch formation. Household and industrial overlock machines are commonly used for garment seams in knit or stretchy fabrics, for garment seams where the fabric is light enough that the seam does not need to be pressed open, and for protecting edges against raveling. Machines using two to four threads are most common, and frequently one machine can be configured for several varieties of overlock stitch.



Jack  Interlook machines



  • Jack JK-8569E-01GB/UT
  • JACK JK-8009VCDI
  • Jack JK-8669BDII-01GB/UT
  • JACK JK-8669BDI-01GB
  • Jack K4-UT
  • Jack JK-8569ADI

    Above all models are availble

Jack Special Machines

Special machines are listed below



  • Jack JK-8558WD
  • Jack JK-T10080
  • Jack JK-T12080B
  • Jack JK-T1377E
  • Jack JK-T1790B
  • Jack JK-T1900BSK
  • Jack JK-T3020K
  • Jack JK-T5878-58BQ
  •  Jack JK-T781D
  • Jack JK-T9270-2PL
  • Jack JK-T781E

    Above all models are availble





Jack A5-W

Jack Lockstitch A5 is the latest lockstitch machine equipped with an integrated, energy-saving Direct Drive motor mounted in the machine head directly on the main shaft. Machine head equipped with smart and easy to operate operation panel with voice guide, as a result, it probably helps to operate(language: English, Chinese) and 3-level shinning LED light, make it more convenient for work and probably reduce visual fatigue as a result.

Automatic functions: 

  • Auto thread trimming
  • Needle positioning
  • Auto bartacking option
  • Auto presser foot lifter- as a result, it gives comfort for the user
  • Electronic thread tension is equipped as standard

Jack JK-8569C

Small cylinder bed Satisfying larger using range

Perimeter only 270MM, Shorter bed design, Easy to feed and with high efficiency.

Auto-trimmer Saving cost of employees and thread

Easy operation as a result quickly reaches proficiency. Save the cost of trimming worker, Finally, it Improves production efficiency 40%, as a result, it gives high performance

Auto presser foot lift Save labor

Automatic presser foot lift with an electromagnet, Improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Auto wiper Better stitch

Finally equipped with an auto wiper for two needle three thread machines, Auto wiper instead of manual operation, makes stitch more beautiful and avoid dropping thread when start sewing again.

Stitch length adjustment Easy and fast

Press button and rotate hand wheel to adjust the stitch length, easy to operate and surely fast.

Enclosed needle bar chamber say good-bye with the trouble of oil

Enclosed needle bar chamber,probably stable construction which effectively controls the oil.

Excellent thread take-up mechanismEnsure the sewing stability


Jack Overlock JK-900E

A series of high-performance 3-, 4- and 5-thread overlocks, equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head directly on the machine’s main shaft (DIRECT DRIVE system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. The modern design of the JACK can easily Overlock JK-900E machine provides better ventilation of the motor, and thus faster and more efficient operation, and as a result, a longer machine life.

Technical parameters:

  • Sewing speed: 7000 stitches/min, as a result, it gives high performance
  • Bottom differential feed
  • The positioning of needles-probably helps in the production
  • Integrated backlight with LED diodes

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JACK Lockstitch JK-5870D

A series of modern 2-needle lockstitch machines with double transport. Finally available in versions with energy-saving servo motors. Seems Like Jack Lockstitch JK58 *** with automatic functions (58 *** D series) have a motor mounted in the machine head (Direct Drive system) and are finally equipped with automatic thread cutting, foot lifting, needle positioning, and auto bar tacking option, therefore, it is very  easy to use

Technical parameters:

  • Sewing speed: 3000 rpm, as a result, it gives high performance
  • Presser foot lift: 7-13 mm – as a result, it is easy to use
  • Needle gauge: 6.4 mm (standard)
  • Other gauges available on request
  • Needle system: DPx5

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Jack -798D3

High Speed Automatic Overlock Machine

Automatic suction function

Automatic suction function effectively removes cloth, dust and fluff, residual thread, keep your workstation clean for the reason that you can give high performonace .

Fully Automatic trimming function

Easily cut off the thread chain with the cutter, no need to pull back and cut thread almost it is easy to use.

Easy to operate
Easy to use

Operation panel with LCD display, automatic, semi-automatic and manual three kinds of sewing patterns as a switch, for the reason that easy to operate.

8 level luminance adjustable LED light

Adjustable luminance seems like easily operated and ease the tiredness of eyesight.

Wide range of application

Standard height of presser foot is 6mm, operation space enlarged to 27mm, strengthen the force to sewing heavy material, as a result, it will give high performance and production.

Optimized hand wheel design

Copied hand print design, operation more easily; Ventilation design with high airflow, faster heat dissipation, therefore, it gives more performance, more endurable.

Tension adjustment

Even more easy to adjust thread tension with beautiful stitch therefore, as a result, it is easy to operate.

Above all information is related to Jack-798D3

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  1. Radhika

    May 30, 2019

    How do I use serger thread on a regular sewing machine?

    • kola

      May 30, 2019

      Hello Radhika,
      Thank you for visiting our JJ Sewing Machine Website.
      Serger thread is designed to be used on a serger, period. It is much finer and more elastic than regular thread. If you wind it onto a bobbin it will not wind with the proper tension which will result in poor stitches in your sewing. It is also much “lintier’ than machine thread. This will cause issues with your tension discs and under your bobbin.
      The most outstanding reason not to do this involves your needle. Sergers have different needles than sewing machines, they’re made to accommodate serger thread. Your sewing machine needle will be wrong in every conceivable way for serger thread. Stitch quality will suffer and your finished product won’t look nearly as nice.
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      Contact No- 96181 18222

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